Recovering from Penile Implant Surgery

Making the decision to have a penile implant is easy for many men, but for others it may take months or years to undergo this operation. On one hand, men look forward to recovering reliable sexual functioning and intimacy, but on the other, men are commonly afraid that they will regret their decision. I understand this is not always an easy decision, and I want men to feel they are making the best decision for themselves and their partner.  

Having surgery on your penis is intimidating for most men. Understanding what to expect in the days, weeks, months and years that follow penile implant is helpful and can relieve some pre-surgery uncertainties. What I do know (and the literature supports it) is that once recovered, more than 90% of men (and their partners) would do it again. Recently, I learned that the satisfaction rate for knee and hip replacement surgery isn’t even that high!

I have attached the handout I give to all men undergoing this operation. I have broken the recovery down into the stages of recovery, so men can be reassured that what they’re experiencing is usually expected and will almost always resolve.

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