Aesthetic (cosmetic) urology procedures can improve your confidence and overall sexual health. Addressing unwanted skin or atypically formed genitalia can help you become more comfortable in your skin, and build self-esteem critical to sexual performance.  Sometimes a discussion is all that men need to be reassured that no correction is required, and we can avoid surgery.  For most men, correcting these things involves minor surgery, and usually procedures of this nature are not covered by insurance.

Understanding a man’s treatment goals is essential to the outcome.  For men, understanding the limitations / drawbacks of a procedure is equally important, and in that it is important for me to explain what I CAN do and what I CANNOT do.”

Cosmetic circumcision

Cosmetic circumcision is performed to remove the foreskin from the penis. The procedure can maximize the appearance of the penis, while addressing foreskin discoloration or other foreskin abnormalities.

Scrotal skin reduction

Excess scrotal skin can cause embarrassment or irritation during physical activities. Scrotoplasty is a routine procedure that can tighten or reduce this scrotal skin to improve the patient’s quality of life.

Skin lesion removal

Genital skin lesions can be caused by a number of conditions, including infection or allergies. Benign skin lesions can cause discoloration or other aesthetic issues. Lesions are addressed through assessment, biopsy, treatment and/or removal.

Ventral phalloplasty

A ventral phalloplasty will give your penis an elongated appearance through the safe removal of excess scrotal skin. It can be done in conjunction with a penile implant for ED to help offset some loss of length.

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