Introducing Urology for Men!


Urology For Men is a starting point in overcoming the information gap surrounding many men’s health issues, which are often undiagnosed but simple to treat. Discussing sensitive topics can be difficult, and my hope is that men will find this a place where their questions are answered, and their issues addressed. Some of these issues include: sexual dysfunction (erectile and ejaculatory dysfunction), low testosterone, Peyronie’s disease, family planning/vasectomy, functional and structural scrotal/penile skin disorders.

Visit the site often; I will be updating it on a regular basis with blog posts to keep you informed on the latest in men’s health. Signing up for the newsletter is an easy way to stay connected. I look forward to sharing more of my practice, experience and information with you.

To mix things up, from time to time I will be posting about ‘non-men’s health’ topics, in the hope that readers learn a little more about me, not just the medicine I practice.  I love to cook, eat, travel and wander, and like everyone, I capture snapshots along the way, usually using my phone but sometimes on old school black and white film.  The photo on this page is also the background photo for the site.  I chose it because it is quintessential Seattle, which I have called home since 2005.  It’s winter now and clouds with detail like these are hard to find.  One of the things I love about this shot is the airplane to the right of the space needle.  Doesn’t get more Seattle than that!