If you are experiencing urinary leaking, or feel unable to control your urinary flow during everyday activities like walking or bending, you may be suffering from stress urinary incontinence (SUI). This is not to be confused with urge incontinence, which is leakage that occurs because of sudden strong urges to urinate that cannot be stopped in time.

While the condition can be embarrassing and inconvenient, it’s not uncommon. Over 10% of men in the United States experience some form of incontinence. Aside from the impact on daily activities, SUI can be a difficult condition to manage without proper medical treatment. If you want to stop shying away from strenuous activity, and avoid the cost of incontinence products, consider reaching out to a healthcare professional to learn more about your other options.

Most men with stress urinary incontinence have a history or prostate removal for prostate cancer.”


There are many ways to treat SUI. Noninvasive treatments include: behavioral techniques like bladder training, double voiding, fluid intake management; muscle exercises; medications like alpha blockers and bladder relaxants are usually not helpful for stress incontinence. Treatment for moderate to severe cases include Kegel exercises, pelvic floor physical therapy, and for ongoing leakage, surgical options will restore urinary control:  AdVance Male Sling and Artificial Urinary Sphincter.

Restoring continence for prostate cancer survivors is the most rewarding surgery that I do.”

Dr. Kuan helps patients overcome their SUI so that they can return to their normal routine without fear of leakage–set up a consult today for a patient-centered, personalized care plan.

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