Prosthetic urology is the sub-specialty dedicated to surgical management of erectile dysfunctionmale stress incontinence and loss of a testicle from surgery or injury. Penile implants are usually used for erectile dysfunction but are a very important treatment for men with Peyronie’s and ED combined.

Few urologists specialize in prosthetic urology and even fewer have sub-specialty training in the field.  Dr. Kuan specializes in penile implants, artificial urinary sphincters, male urinary sling and testicular prosthesis to treat these conditions.  He is a sub-specialty trained reconstructive urologist, which includes prosthetics. He is one of the most experienced implanters in the region, performing both straightforward and complex procedures.

Penile implants

Penile implants (penis pumps) offer a permanent solution to ED when other treatments are unsuccessful. The small device offers you support in choosing when and where you’ll get an erection. A three-piece penile implant from Boston Scientific/AMS (700CX and 700LGX) is the preferred solution. These implants are antibiotic-coated, making them safer for men with diabetes–and the 700LGX implant can help men restore lost penile length. Men with limited manual dexterity may benefit from an alternative, malleable implant.

It’s not up to me to tell men that they can’t be intimate with their partner.  It’s up to me to let them know what their options are.”

Men are often surprised to learn that penile implants are covered by Medicare and usually covered by insurance, though verification is always performed in advance.

Artificial urinary sphincters

Artificial urinary sphincters are small, silicone devices that can help address urinary incontinence. These inflatable cuffs regulate urination by temporarily compressing the urethra from the bladder, until the patient chooses to relieve themselves. With a 90% effectiveness rate, artificial urinary sphincters are typically recommended for men who have had little success with other treatments. Dr. Kuan can help you determine the best course of action for your urinary incontinence.

Artificial sphincter implant is the most rewarding surgery that I perform.  It changes a man’s life.”

Testicular Prosthesis

For various reasons, a handful of men will lose a testicle, usually to surgery, infection or trauma.  Living without a prosthesis is acceptable for many, while others will pursue replacement using an implant.  The surgery is minor and minimal down time is required.  Choosing to have an implant can have a huge impact on self-esteem and confidence for a man.

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